About Nettigo

We want to make easier access to Arduino related technologies. Shop was created to gather all commonly used components in one place. With each day we want to add new knowledge to let You explore world of electronics.

How we work

We buy a lot in Internet and when selling we try to avoid all things making us angry when shopping online. We try hard to present reliable stock levels. We pack things carefully knowing packages are often not treated very well by carriers. We don't make troubles when You want to return bought stuff - most of our offer is used by us everyday and we are pretty confident it is just good stuff.


In March 2009 there was no simple way to buy Arduino in Poland and thus Nettigo was born. First we sold Arduinos and Ethernet shields. Next, we introduced breadboards, and much more components.

Our company:

Witold Rugowski
Arkuszowa 143d
01-934 Warszawa
UE VAT ID: PL7541682279
No local pickup at this address!

Bank account

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PL 86 1140 2004 0000 3712 0030 8676

Account holder:
Witold Rugowski
Arkuszowa 143d
01-934 Warszawa

Payments in PLN

PL 94 1140 2004 0000 3202 4692 5168

Witold Rugowski
ul Arkuszowa 143d
01-934 Warszawa

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  • Order status, payments, etc: +48 514 020 024
  • Owner: +48 508 148 231 (workdays 9-16 CET/CEST)

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