Yes we do use them. If You wonder what is cookie read on Wiki. Without them our web page won't be working properly. But some of them are required and some of them make life easier for us. So what's the deal?

What we do with cookies?

We are running A/B test, which relay on cookies to work. But those tests are comparing webpage look and flow of Your interaction. We don't make different offer for You (for example to test prices). No, we don't do that.

We collect many data (but they are anonymized) - how many of you view our pages, and how you are interacting with them. Also we measure traffic to get info about results of our marketing efforts.

Cookies and privacy levels

Basically cookies are divided in 3 categories:

  1. Required for our page to work (cart, A/B tests, etc). Also some cookies from other companies from widgets in checkout process (like Paczkomat selector)
  2. Traffic statistics - collected only by Nettigo - no data is shared with external companies. We use own, hosted software.
  3. Marketing and targeting cookies - third party cookies - mostly Google and Facebook

On first visit you will be asked to select which cookies you allow to be used. At any moment you can change your selection using button

Privacy policy

All operations and data collected by us on page are not shared with external companies. There is exception for data required to process your orders - we pass information to logistic operator you have chosen (delivery address, contact data, email, phone).

Data collected by third parties (after you have accepted cookies form them) are not controlled by us.

In case of any questions, needs please contact us via email.