ESP32-CAM with OV2640 camera - developer board (ESP32-S), set with USB module


Developer board with ESP32-S and integrated OV2640 camera. With USB/Serial module.

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ESP32-CAM is a popular module for use in projects where you want to utilize some image analysis. An integrated board with ESP32 and a built-in OV2640 camera (2 Mpix), all in a compact size.

Previously, such modules were available for Arduino, but ESP32 with significantly greater computational power is much better suited for image processing tasks.

How to start?

We sell (for now) a complete set consisting of the ESP32 module with the OV2640 camera and a “base” which is a board with a micro USB connector, USB/Serial converter (well-known CH340), and a voltage regulator. This allows you to easily start your first project.

There are many different variants of the ESP32-CAM on the market, differing slightly in parameters. Our module is compatible with the ESP32-CAM module formerly produced by AI-Thinker. Knowing this, we can easily run a test sketch. Just select the directive #define CAMERA_MODEL_AI_THINKER in the example program (part of ESP32-Arduino, in Arduino IDE: File/Examples/ESP32/Camera/CameraWebServer).

The programmer module has two buttons - RST (Reset) and IO0. The latter is used to put the ESP32 into programming mode, but with our module, you won’t need to use it. A solution well-known from other boards is applied here, where the DTS signal from the converter is used by the Arduino IDE to control the IO0 pin, and the RTS from CH340 to control the RST. This way, the board is programmed without manual intervention. Just click Upload in the IDE.

Set includes:

  • ESP32-CAM module with OV2640 camera (2 Mpix)
  • Programmer board with micro USB connector