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LoRaWAN gateway Heltec HT-M01S, 868 MHz


Small, yet useful LoRaWAN indoor gateway.

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Heltec HT-M01S is small, indoor (but with external LoRa antenna) LoRaWAN gateway. Only few clicks needed to get it up&running in TTN network.

Gateway is designed to run indoors, but with it is included external LoRa antenna (on cable 1 m long) so you can get much better range for LoRaWAN devices.

First run requires to connect Ethernet, then You can change it to WiFi mode.


  • MCU: ESP32-D0WDQ6
  • Radio: SX1303 + SX1250
  • LoRaWAN: 8 uplink channels, 1 downlink channel
  • Detailed config info: https://docs.heltec.org/en/gateway/ht-m01s/

    Set includes:

  • Gateway LoRaWAN Heltec HT-M01S
  • Antenna 868 MHz
  • Antenna WiFi
  • Magnetic stand for antenna
  • USB C cable