PTC Heating element 70C 12V

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PTC heating element in aluminium enclosure. Recommended to heat up air during dust measurement using laser sensors like SDS011 or PMS5003

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The heater is built on the basis of a ceramic PTC element. The heater regulates the temperature itself by simple correlation - as the temperature rises, its resistance also increases. The nominal temperature of the heater when supplied with 12V is 70C. This value is given for the environment at room temperature. In colder environment, the heater may not get it, and final temperature will be lower.

When the heater is supplied with 5V at room temperature, the heater reaches a maximum of 50-55C. The current consumption at the beginning of heating is about 0.5A, after heating it drops to about 0.2-0.25A.

We use it in Nettigo Air Monitor and Projects

Laser dust level sensors such as SDS011 or PMS5003 with relative humidity above 70% overstate the measurements a lot. The solution is to heat up the air before measurement. This simple method significantly reduces the relative humidity and improves the reliability of the readings.


  • Type: PTC heating element
  • Enclosure: aluminium
  • Enclosure size: 31 x 21 x 5 mm
  • Nominal temperature: 70C
  • Nominal voltage: 12V
  • Wires: silicon 0.5mm2
  • Wires length: ~18 cm