USBASP ICSP programmer

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USBASP ICSP programmer - You can burn Arduino bootloader or program bare chips (outside of Arduino board).

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ICSP programmer (USB dongle form factor) can be used to burn firmware on microcontrollers. It is done directly w/o bootloader, so this programmer can be used to burn Arduino bootloader.

Programmer has 10 pin IDC connector - on Arduino there are 6 pin connectors so You will need to create some connector to burn directly on Arduino board, however You can connect programmer to chip on breadboard.

This is clone of this programmer: You have to install drivers in Windows. On Linux You may be forced to use sudo to burn successfully with avrdude.

Kit content:

  • programmer board
  • IDC 10 pin cable

We can suggest to purchase also IDC converter from 10 to 6 pins if You plan to program device with 2x3 ICSP connector. Also USB cable extender can be very handy when programmed device is in larger distance from USB port.


Drivers for Windows