Nettigo Air Monitor - 0.3 BASE KIT

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340 g

Core of NAM 0.3 ecosystem. Central unit with PM sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity and enclosure.

Version NAM 0.3.2

Product is retired

Replaced by: Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.2) - Build your own smog sensor!

Set includes:


  • Revision D - since Jan 2020 we don’t sell this kit as separate product. It is being sold only as part of KIT-1753. To make handling easier in Rev D BME280 kit - KIT-1705 is being packed inside KIT-1656.

NAM 0.3 STD (embedded WiFi antenna)
NAM 0.3 - PRO (external WiFi antena)
NAM 0.3 - parts and accessories:
Power accessories for NAM